Peterson Family Farm is a small farm focused on regenerative practices located in Prince George, Va.  We specialize in pasture-raised poultry products- namely, broilers and eggs.


PFF is farmed by John and Ginny Gum. Ginny is the granddaughter of Torsten Peterson, Sr., who purchased the farm and pasture-raised cattle for decades. John and Ginny are dedicated to the idea of regenerative agriculture as they bring the Tri-Cities area some of the best chicken they've ever tasted.


Broilers (whole chickens) raised on fresh grass and given fresh air and sunshine produce a result that simply can't be found in chicken from the grocery store. The birds having access to chlorophyll through fresh forage and protein through bugs mean that their meat is naturally higher in vitamins and lower in saturated fats. We supplement the birds with a non-GMO feed from Sunrise Farms in Stuarts Draft, Va.


In the future, we hope to add pastured beef and pork to our farm. Each of these animals, aside from tasting amazing, play an important role in our goals of sustaining and regenerating the land we farm. We will also be growing produce, with a focus on fresh greens.


We invite you to get to know us. Try one of our birds- you'll see (and taste!) the difference!